What Can You Do To Help?

Unite: to join together to do or achieve something.

We all have our parts to play and together we can accomplish our common goals.


  • Sign up: by providing your name and email, you join the many United to support our mission.

  • Spread the word: post this site on your Facebook page and Twitter page and ask your family and friends to join. You can also email this site to your friends. Just click on the links on the left hand side of your screen.

Challenge: Get 10 more people to sign up. Anyone can join, parents, students, grandparents, neighbors, co-workers. Reach across the country and spread the word. All of us, need to stand United to support healthy, toxin-free schools. 

  • Become an Advocate

Fundraising/ Event Planning
Public Relations/ Blogs/ Press Release/ News Articles
Building Our Campus Green/ Educational Initiatives on Campus
Testing and Remediation/ Oversight
General/ You Choose!

Whether you have 5 minutes a week or 5 hours a day, we would love to have you join us! If you would like to help out, please click here to send us an email! In the subject line, please put what committee or area of help you are interested in and the committee chair will contact you. It takes a village and we so appreciate your willingness to get involved in a cause that will directly benefit your children. 

  • Recommend a Professional to help in our Cause:  We are a well connected community. If you know of someone that could aid our cause and/or be willing to sit on our impressive Advisory Panel, please recommend them to us! Anyone you can think of: a scientist, medical expert, lawyer, academic, public figure, environmentalist, etc… Send us an email on the contact us page.

We have so much power to do good in this world, a little help from everyone and our world will be a much better place for us all!

  • Contribute. Your donations help us hire independent experts to protect our childern’s interests and ensure that our children and their teachers have the healthiest environments. Please see our Contribute page for more details.