Superintendent Confirms Window Were Open During Testing

From: “Lyon, Sandra” <>
Date: January 3, 2014 1:51:46 PM PST
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Subject: RE: Malibu High testing
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Sorry I’m just now getting back to you.The cleaning has gone very well.  The EPA is currently reviewing the pre-cleaning air data. I’ve posted the raw results to the website and hope to share more information regarding the analysis before we return to school.  The data collection in October was reviewed by the EPA and we were advised the rooms are safe to occupy and they recommended that we consider implementing best management practices (BMP).  We did clean all of the rooms over the break with BMP so that teachers and students can return to their original classrooms with confidence.    Once the environmental engineering firm is hired this month they will assist us with training staff and putting a BMP plan in place districtwide.It’s not unusual for teachers to have windows open in their classrooms especially when they are full of students and we were advised that you would want to capture some air samples that replicate actual in-use conditions of the classrooms.  In order to capture a range of data, I was informed that we did test in some classrooms with windows open, others with them shut.  For the rooms that triggered the regulatory standard, we kept the windows closed as we had them closed during the initial testing.  The EPA guidelines for BMP do state that windows should be open to increase ventilation when weather permits.

Hope this helps. I’m heading into a meeting, but let me know if you any questions.

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