Issue with Changing Evaluation Criteria After Seeing Test Results

Dear Sandra Lyon and Task Force Members,
I have some concerns about the recent Task Force Meeting that took place on Sunday, November 17.  Unfortunately I was unaware that such a meeting took place. I am not in the habit of checking work email over the weekend.
My Concerns are:
1:  Mark insisted that we needed to agree on a safe level of PCB’s in the air for our students and teachers before the data was released, so there would be no chance of levels being based on test results.
2: At the task force meeting, Mark presented calculations he did for evaluation criteria for teachers and students based on agreed upon hours and days in the school. We agreed on a level of 20.2 for teachers; despite Jennifer being adamant that that this level was still too high. She presented the EPA Regional Screening Level Summary Table (May 2031) for the most toxic PCB’s that the Region 9 EPA recommended we use.
3: On Thursday, the task force knew that the Air Results were coming in and did not see the need for a meeting on Sunday.
4: Once Mark and the district had the data, it was decided we needed a meeting on Sunday night that resulted in the change the acceptable exposure level. The task force never saw the raw data to validate Mark’s analysis he presented.
5: Once the evaluation criteria was changed, a notice was sent to all teachers informing them that initial data shows that the PCB levels fall under the recommended EPA levels.
How can we possibly say that we are transparent and working openly when we operate like this as a Task Force.  I represent the entire Malibu High School Faculty and will not sit silent; they need to know the events that took place this weekend.
Please email me the power point presentation today, I would appreciate being able to see all the data that was presented at the meeting that I missed. It would be best that the entire task force see the raw data as it is delivered. Transparency is all of us seeing and knowing the same information.