Dec 19th, 2013 letter to the EPA urging them to correct testing protocols and close the windows.

From: Jennifer deNicola
Subject: Air testing sampling guidelines
Date: December 19, 2013 5:45:10 PM PST
To: Patrick Wilson , Steve Armann


Dear Patrick and Steve:
I am confused please help me…Today at the task force meeting, Mark Katchen informed us all that he had just hung up with the EPA and that the EPA said that air testing in the classrooms to be performed over the next 2 weeks, should “mimic classroom conditions on a cold winter day.” He proceeded to ask the teachers in the room if they use their heaters and if they have the windows open when it is cold. Discussion occurred whether the windows should be open or closed and whether the heater/vent should be turned on when air testing occurs.It is my understanding in talking to you at the EPA and other experts that when doing this test, that you want to set up the worst case scenario to ensure that kids are most protected. Based on prior conversations with the EPA and other experts: air testing should occur after the room has been closed up for 24 hours, testing should occur with closed windows and doors and ventilation/heater on, for a period of time yielding approximately 10 cubic meters of air.

Please correct these testing protocols before it is too late, that are not fulfilling the policy of worst case scenario to protect the kids. Please contact Sandra Lyon, Mark Katchen and the entire task force (so we are all in the loop) to ensure that the EPA’s explicate directions for testing will be followed (Mark Katchen and Pylomor Group) and that the data gathered is qualified data.

I am also concerned that there was no mention of wipe samples being taken pre or post cleaning. Please advise if and when this should be done.

Thank you again for your continued assistance. We are relying on the EPA to watch over this process to ensure that accurate and qualified data is gained to truthfully assess our school.

Best Regards,

Jennifer deNicola