Aug 30, 2010 BB Advisory Committee Minutes Concerning Discovery of Toxins in Soil

Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District Measure BB Advisory Committee Meeting APPROVED MINUTES
August 30, 2010

Agenda Item VI (e)
Project Updates
Hunter Gaines to present Malibu High School: Contaminated Soil Removal

David Reznick asked if there were areas that are going to be disturbed.

Hunter Gaines replied in the affirmative, abatement would occur over the summer of 2011.

Michael Sidley inquired about the source of the PCB’s.

Hunter Gaines replied that it is unknown.

Michael Sidley inquired as to when the public is going to find out that there are PCB’s?

Jan Maez asked what would the committee suggest.

David Reznick inquired if there are current health hazards to the students?

Stuart Sam replied that there are none until the area is disturbed. We will not be disturbing the area until the break.

Jan Maez added that the public will know when we go to the board with an amendment to abate.

Dennis Crane inquired if Mark Kelly knew about this issue and that it may be important for him to be informed.

Hunter Gaines replied in the negative.

David Reznick asked if there has been any groundwater testing.

Hunter Gaines replied in the negative. They didn’t find any PCB’s below 5 feet.

Measure BB Advisory Committee Members present at the August 30th meeting.
Craig Hamilton
Dennis Crane

Ben Garbuio
David Reznick
Elaine Rene-Weissman Judith Meister
Michael Sidley
David Kaplan
Rebecca Kennerly